Summer Comprehensive Check up camp

Objective of the camp

Richard Garage is organizing an comprehensive Check-ups along with 40 point checks , as a preventive measure for trouble  free drive and important tips on cooling system maintenance and  AC usage for optimal performance. 

Offers / Benefits to Customers

 Customers  May avail the following offers during this campaign:
1) Free 40 point Check-up of vehicle which includes visual checks on engine bay, cooling system, under chassis and cab area by our team of trained experts .

2) 5% discount on Spares consumed on Paid Jobs.

3) Discount upto 25% discount on Labour charges on Paid Jobs.  Discount is based on age of the car . As per sale date of your car  you can avail discount at 2.5% per year upto a max of 10 years .   eg car sale date is 2009 and before - discount will be 25%

Discount will be available to only those clients who have attended the camp between the scheduled dates.

Camp vehicles can avail Discounts upto 30 June2019.

Activities Planned During Campaign:

 Free Check-up of all vehicles to be done as per Check List.
Free top-up of consumables on customer’s car will be done by Richard Garage on goodwill basis.
Top wash or Mopping of all vehicles.

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